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Each month, more than 1 million low-income American renters visit Affordable Housing Online to find housing assistance.

Connecting Renters To Affordable Rental Housing Opportunities

The affordable rental housing demand model is the inverse of the market rate demand model. Unfortunately, there are more renters than adequate and affordable housing units. We work hard to surface every single unit of rental housing and every rental subsidy opportunity that arises. Thousands of renters have found housing they wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

Empowering Property Managers To Achieve Appropriate Outreach

Most affordable rental communities don’t need to market in the traditional sense since most markets have more renters than rental units. But regulators require managers to conduct appropriate outreach for their communities. At no cost to properties, Affordable Housing Online provides access to millions of renters and ensures the publicly funded housing resources they manage are known by everyone.

Arming Housing Advocates, Researchers and Journalists With Superior Housing Data

Our affordable rental housing database is second to none. Affordable Housing Online has spent years and thousands of dollars improving the depth and quality of its database. And we work hard to provide that data in easy to understand content on our site that advocates, researchers and journalists utilize in their work often.

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